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IDV Solutions

IDV Solutions is a data visualization software company that helps organizations discover opportunity, identify risk, and take action. Its Visual Command Center software unites data from external sources, enterprise systems, and internal devices into a real-time, common operating picture of risk and security. Interactive maps and floor plans replace multiple screens and disparate data sources to give security operations centers situation awareness and context needed to make decisions and respond more quickly and effectively. Find us at

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ADI is the leading global wholesale distributor of security and low voltage products with more than 200 worldwide locations to serve you.


Axis is a market leader in network video and a driving force behind the shift from analog to digital video surveillance, which paves the way for a more secure, smarter and safer world. Axis offers network video solutions for professional installations featuring products and solutions that are based on innovative and open technical platforms.


MOBOTIX AG is a software company with in-house hardware development for digital, high-resolution and network-based video security solutions. The company focuses on the development of user-friendly, complete system solutions from a single provider. The decentralized MOBOTIX concept has made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient.

Quantum Secure

Quantum Secure designs SAFE, an innovative enterprise software suite that streamlines the physical identity lifecycle. Our patented software solution is the only proven technology in the physical security industry that unifies global identities, ensures compliance and provides continuous risk assessment without having to rip and replace existing security infrastructure. The SAFE Solution automates key processes and simplifies control of employees, visitors, vendors and other third-party identities across a global organization.


ScanSource, Inc. is an international distributor of specialty technology products, such as point-of-sale systems, barcode scanners, mobility products, video and audio conferencing solutions, access control equipment and video surveillance solutions.

SureView Systems

SureView Systems owns, develops, sells and supports the Immix® product line.

Immix® is a video centric software platform designed to receive alarm events from video, video analytics, access control, automation systems and GPS location aware devices. The products are UL Certified in the USA and BS8418 compliant in Europe.

SureView operates across three market spaces, Commercial Monitoring Stations, large corporate organizations running their own Command Centers and guard companies offering blended technology and manpower services to their customers.

Through offices based in the UK and the US SureView has established leadership in video alarm management software protecting customer locations across North America and EMEA.

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"TechSec provides relevant content for security integrators, practitioners, industry experts and CTOs across all industries. This conference helps bridge the gap between IT and physical security professionals by providing a perfect platform for participants looking to gain a better understanding of new technologies and how they work together, in order to maximize their security management solutions."

Jay Hauhn
Chief Technology Officer
Tyco Integrated Security

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